Louisiana Colonial Trails

Length: 484 miles

Time to Allow: Two to three days for a self guided tour

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As you journey the trails, routes, and byways, allow the scenic views to evoke images of natives, pioneers, and other settlers embracing the terrain to make a way of life. The Louisiana Colonial Trails traverse a region characterized by the diversity of its people and the rich resources of the land and its waterways.

Imagine the characters that travelled these lands and the people who chose to build lives here. The stories of the trails, and the enchantment of the natural beauty will entice you to see life, how it was and how it is, in this crossroads for yourself. The region is one that offers something for everyone, with diversity being our greatest asset, then and now.

The terrain of the paths skirted rivers, lakes, and lowlands, and arched across the bluffs then overland throughout the piney woods. The corridor was legendary and includes the El Camino Real and Old San Antonio Road, which connected the original colonies to Mexico and the West.

The region included fortifications from Indian tribes, Spain, France, and the early American western frontier, for which remnants dot the landscape. Prehistoric tribes left behind arrowheads, tools, and pottery. Settlers migrating west found a land of opportunity. Bayous and bluffs. Alligators and bears. Outlaws and missionaries. Renegades and farmers. Gangs and heroes. Discover the livelihoods, legends, and locations that continue to provide lore and opportunity.

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